Sunday, May 16, 2010

Strawberry Jam

Strawberry season is here, if you love strawberries, it’s the best time to pick your own strawberries.  Last week on a fine sunny day my family went for a strawberry picking …it was super fun. Picking your own strawberries is the best way to know that you are getting the freshest strawberries. Luckily there were more than few farms near my place but we chose a one which is little far off, heard they have the very tasty strawberries and sure they did. My kids loved exploring the strawberry field, my boy was busy looking out for big ripe ones and my girl was busy playing on the farm rather I would say destroying the plants. Most of the berries went into the basket but not before tasting few. Actually when we went there most of the strawberries have been picked but still we managed to pick two basket full of good ripe ones.
After eating the fruit and making juices and smoothies out of it, still lots of berries were left, so I ended up making the strawberry jam. For just three cups of mashed strawberries gave me seven 8oz jars of jam. To extend the jam’s shelf life, processing the jars is more important.

Strawberries cut and mashed – 3 Cups
Sugar – 5 cups
Pectin – 1 packet (1.7oz)
8oz Jar – 7

1.Processing the bottles- clean the jars and lids and boil them separately for 10 mins. 
2.Rinse, hull and cut the strawberry and put in a bowl and mash them with a potato                          masher until no lumps. Mix 1 packet of pectin to the strawberry.
3.Bring the mixture to boil, stir in the sugar and continue boiling, stirring in between. Use a spoon to remove the foam from the surface.
3.Boil until the mixture thickens for about 20 to 30 mins in a medium heat.
4.To perform the gel test, take a half chilled steel spoon full of mix and bring it to room temperature on the spoon, if it thickens up to the consistency of your choice, the jam is done. If not add little more pectin and bring it to boil for a min.
5.Remove from heat and cool for 10 mins and remove the jars from the hot water without using your hand and pour the jam and seal it and enjoy it.
A scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with this jam at its best. 


  1. Wow Swarna,
    Awesome jam recipe...I love your simple n cute presentation.
    You are most welcome to my space.

  2. Yummy jam!simple and too gud.lovely presentation...

  3. looks yummy and simple .....delicious ....nice presentaion...

  4. looks so preety..those cute bottles filled with jam...awesome clicks dear

  5. Loved the jam.Beautiful clicks and those bottles are cute too:)

  6. WOW!!!! Picking your own strawberries. must have been a memorable experience.. I envy you for those nice & cute moments & experiences, u pick on..... Gets u closer to NATURE.... Naturally..... And those berries look really tempting & so did your jam turn out to be..... AWESOME!!!!


  7. These homemade preserves are so much better. And your jam looks fabulous ....Nicely presented too

    Hamaree Rasoi

  8. Nothing with beat the home made jams, looks fabulous..

  9. yum yum yumm... looks soooooo tempting.. thanks for the recipe.. :)

  10. Home made jam is always the best, looks great dear....

  11. I love this jam and I have posted it a couple of weeks back, but without pectin :-)this looks too good

  12. Thats lovely to pick strawberries. We've used to go cherry picking in summer. Love strawberry jam it's very inviting..

  13. such a yummy classic! im going strawberry picking soon, will be sure to try this!

  14. Cute jars with the delicious strawberries in it.I like strawberry a lot n its aroma is so tempting always.Thanks for the recipe swarna.

  15. looks like you guys had great time at strawberry farm... simple recipe and it looks yummm

  16. Nothing can beat homemade strawberry jam. Looks so luscious :)

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  19. Que rica mermelada se ve exquisita y más aún si la has sacado de tu huerto muy lindo embasado,me gusta mucho tu cocina y te sigo,cariños y abrazos.

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  23. Hey thats a nice recipe !! and well explained too.. glad to have stumbled across your blog :)

    Following you now, hope to see such innovative recipes more often :)


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