Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kothu Parotta

Kothu Parotta a very popular dish in Tamilnadu. Actually it would taste even better when you try from road side parotta stall than the big restaurants. The way the prepare this dish like they throw all the ingredients on a big hot iron griddle and they would mix and mince the parottas by pounding using two heavy iron spatulas. The way he prepares this kothu parotta makes you drool. When ever I visit my sister in Nagercoil she make sure to get this dish almost daily till I stay there. This is such a wonderful dish .

Frozen kerala parotta - 5
Egg - 2
Finely chopped onion - 1 medium
Finely chopped tomato - 1
Ginger Garlic paste - 1tsp
Green chili - 2 chopped
Pepper Powder - 1tsp
Curry leaves - 5 to 6
Chicken Curry - 1/2 cup (optional)
Salt to taste

Microwave the parottas and cut to small pieces and set aside. Heat oil in a non-stick pan and add the onion and green chilies and saute well .Add ginger garlic paste and mix. Beat two eggs to it and mix until the egg is cooked. Add tomato and curry leaves and give a good mix. Tomato need not be fully cooked. Add salt and pepper powder. Now add the minced parottas. Keep mixing and in between add the chicken curry to it little by little and keep mixing. Garnish with cilantro. Serve hot with onion raita. Enjoy!!

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  1. your kothu parotta makes me hungry!
    I love kothu parottas from the roadside restaurants too!! i can never be tired of it!!

    and thank you for the visit and the comment; you have a nice collection of recipes too!


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