Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sabudana Vada/Sago Vada

Sabudana vada is a crispy great vegetarian delight.Its so easy to make and the kids usually loves this dish. This is a popular snack in Maharashtra,India. This tastes good when you add peanuts to it,since I didn't have peanuts I used cashew nuts and tasted even better. Try this yummy dish.

Sabudana or sago - 1/4 cup
Potato - 1 medium
Cumin seeds - 1tsp
Green chilies - 2 chopped
Cashew - little
Salt as required
Oil to fry patties

Soak sago in water for about 4 hours and drain the water and set aside. Boil the potato and mash them fine. Combine potato, cumin seed , green chilies , salt and cilantro with the sago and make into small patties. Heat 2tsp of oil in a non-stick pan and place the patties in the pan , keep turning the sides until the patties turns to good brown colour on both sides. Serve with ketchup.Enjoy!!!

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