Monday, November 16, 2009

Mint Flavored Delicious Fish Fry

Fish fry is a very popular dish all over India, especially in Kerala, a beautiful state famous for its backwater and lots of coconut trees and not to forget Kerala is one of the a great place for honeymoon.
I still remember a trip to a dam(forgot the name) from my school in Tamilnadu where you get to see people fry and sell the freshly caught fish everywhere neat the dam and you get nice fish fry smell(feel sorry for who hates fish), the one which you can’t avoid but I didn’t get a chance to eat one that time, later when we went to Okanakal dam with my family, I got a chance to eat it and it tasted good.
This fish fry is different to the usual one, I used mint and cilantro and it added more fragrance to the fish and it tastes really good. Looking at the picture don’t conclude I burned my fish, its just the bright green color looks like burned, sorry about that.

Tilapia Fish Fillets – 4
Ginger – ½ “
Garlic – 3
Mint and Cilantro – 1Cup
Curry Leaves - 4
Coconut – 1 tsp
Green Chilies – 3
Lemon Juice – 2 tsp
Coriander Powder – 1tsp
Garam Masala – ½ tsp
Salt to taste
Oil to fry (I used Coconut oil)

Grind all the masalas and marinate the fish in that and set aside for minimum 2 hrs. Shallow fry the fish I until its roasted on both the sides. Enjoy!!


  1. Looks crispy and also very flavorful :)

  2. wow!! I can almost get the mint aroma here just by looking at the pics! It looks super delicious!very tempting!!

  3. Wow this sounds really interesting..tempting fish fry..

  4. Very interesting fish fry...looks so delicious and crispy...I must try this :)

  5. wow!!! delicious mint fish!!!ur pictures are awesome !Really tempting !!!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog!! YOu have a beautiful blog with many yummy recipes :)

  7. First time here....Mint flav fish looks yummy.

  8. this fish fry looks delicious and a differnt and new method to try!!

  9. Yeah you are right;Fish fry is one of the FAv and a very popular dish in Kerala.People love to have it even as a snack :)
    Ur version looks so flavorful and yummy!!! love the addition of MInt..

  10. Nice recipe,will surely try this one as it looks crispy and delicious

  11. Very nice and lovely recipe of fish fry.It looks tempting and crispy.

  12. Fish looks so yummy and flavourful

  13. Wow!!! lovely recipe...haven't tried fish with mint.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog... You have a wondeful space here...following u.


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